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We've offered more than just ink on paper.

At Rapid Press, we will ensure we match or practically exceed our client's expectations at every opportunity.

Thus, we provide a handful of services, especially for our valuable clients.

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Highly Customizable Package Design

Rigid Box, Folding Carton, Corrugated Box

We understand that packaging is so much more than just protecting your products. It could even be a marketing tool to WOOOW your customers. Therefore, we offer a complete selection of packaging for you to customize your unique packaging. If you have a rough idea of how your packaging should be like, don't hesitate to send us your brilliant design. Well, then, magic! We turn your imagination into reality.

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Check Before Mass Production

Sample Product of Your Printing

Since packaging matters so much for a brand, we believe that the true touch and sensation of physical products would increase its effectiveness. We also understand your concern when you are not sure whether the final product perfectly meets your criteria. Therefore, we will always craft a prototype for your team to verify prior to mass production.

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Large-Format Printing

Banner, Pull up Banner, Big Poster

BIG draws attention. Large-format printing products such as banners and posters serve as a communication tool between your target customers and your brand. Hence, we are more than willing to handle the large-format printing for you! Headache due to delivery charges? Fear not! There will be no shipping fee for orders over SGD 100. Terms and Conditions applied

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