Two Piece Rigid Box

Two-Piece Box

Two pieces box. Ideal for luxury and cosmetic products.

Book Style

Book Style

Let your customer know about the product through our packaging with a book-style box.

Collapsible Rigid Gift Box

Collapsible / Foldable

The foldable box gives the user a premium feel, and they can reuse over and over again as if it's brand new.

Hinged Rigid Box

Hinged / Flip Lid

Our Hinged Flip Box creates anticipation that elegantly reveals your product upon opening.

Magnetic Lock Rigid Box

Magnetic Lock

Our Custom Magnetic Box will define your brand's quality with luxury.

Drawer Rigid Box


Our Drawer Style Box allows you to showcase your product with ease and style.

Partial Cover Rigid Box

Partial Cover

Ensure that your luxury product is securely stored with friction sealed partial telescope box. Ideally used for Luxury and Cosmetic products.

Shoulder Rigid Box

Shoulder / Neck

Want to show off your product with a sleek and premium shoulder/neck box? Wait, no more you can get one from us today! 


LED Rigid Box


Our LED Box allows you to make your product more attractive as it will have LED lights for display. If you wish to display your items using a box, our LED Box is the right choice for you.

Explosion Rigid Box


Two pieces box. Creative and innovative. You can customize and make it into a special box and give it to your loved ones.

Rounded Shape Rigid Box

Rounded Shape

You can tell a story through our Round Shape Box Design, and we can also create a book-style box that fits your brand's tone while maintaining a stable structural design.